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      Little Whittle, Tale of a White Beaver is the newest book in the Woodaline the Beaver series illustrated and written by Timothy LaJoice.  It is a story of a White Beaver born to Woodaline and his adventures in the wilderness.  The book is about being different,  making friends and helping someone in need. Little Whittle completes the trilogy of Woodaline the Beaver.


     Kit Trouble is the the second book or sequel to Woodaline the Beaver. It is the story about two baby beavers born to Woodaline the Beaver and the trouble they get into in the wildreness.



Woodaline the Beaver is the first book written and illustrated by Tim LaJoice.  Created because of a homework assignment in a children's literature college course, Woodaline the Beaver is a story about a female beaver and her journey in the wilderness.  It reveals how a beaver lives and survives in the forest.


As humans, we know that each of us are born in a unique way.  All of us look differently and all of us have personalities and talents that are unique to each one of us. It is the same in the animal world. Each creature is unique in looks and personality. They are also unique in the way they survive and behave. They really do have special talents.

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We all have those days when things don't go right. We may stumble and fall; we may drop that favorite piece of ceramic and have it break; or an unfortunate incident happens that is out of our control. The same thing happens to animals in their world.  They also stumble and fall; They gather food and forget where they place it or another animal takes it from them; unfortunate events happen out of their control and their world is changed forever. Human and animal worlds mirror each other in very real ways.






Most of us don't think about creatures that live outdoors when we are in our homes.  With the turn of a dial, the heat goes up; the flip of a switch, the lights turn on; opening the refrigerator and we have food. But the beaver also has a home and it is very cozy.  Inside the lodge, it is heated by body warm.  The beaver makes a cache of sticks underwater and this is the major food source for the Beaver.  It eats the bark from these sticks. And since beavers mate for life, they always have family close to help with all the chores.

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