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Product: SD-1

This is a window which has three red roses surrounded by glue chip glass.  It offers privacy and elegance. Pick your own opaque colors to match your room. Copper foil. Size: 22"x36"




Product: SD-2

This window is designed with a floral bevel which mixes three different clear glass. Privacy and elegance lets in a lot of light. Copper foil.   Size:  22"x36" or custom size.




Product: SD-3

This window has the classic shape of the diamond with a diamond shaped bevel at the center.  Privacy and elegance lets in a lot of light. Leaded. Size: 36"x36" or custom size.




Product: SD-4

This window has an oval bevel in the middle with four blue triangles coming out in a cross shape. Privacy and lets in a lot of light. Copper foil.

Size: 22"x36"




Product: SD-5

This window was designed with four diamond bevels. It has classic lines and offers privacy with elegance. Copper foil.  

Size: Custom fit to size.




Product: SD-6

This was a project for a public pub.  Erin Go bragh! These are the colors of Ireland. Copper foil.   Size: 12"x36"




Product: SD-7

These windows were made for the same pub.  Three classic shamrocks surrounded by glue chip glass. Copper foil.

Size: 12"x36" or custom size.



Product: SD-8

Eight diamonds fill this window.  Clear glass and glue chip diamonds let a lot of light through.  This window is leaded.  Size: 12"x18" or custom size.




Product: SD-9

Kokopelli plays his magical fluit.  This piece is colorful as a rainbow and will cheer up your room. Copper foil.

Size: 12"x30"




Product: SD-10

This mirror reflects a unique leaded design.  With an etching in the mirror of a moose standing in water and trees in the background. You can choose the color of opaque glass that matches your decor. This mirror is leaded.

Size: approximately 12"x24"




Product: SD-11

This leaded mirror has two flowers added to give a softer feel.  A nice touch to a long hallway that needs that something special.  

Size: approximately 10"x24"



Product: SD-12

Unique barn shaped mirror with horse scene etched into glass. Leaded or copper foiled, makes an attractive display in a shed, barn or in the house. Copper foil.

Size: approximately 15"x24"




Product: SD-13

This window has the poem of the Chief Wawatam, written by Robert LaJoice, etched into the mirror.  Surrounded by a wave of stained glass. It makes a splendid display on most walls or windows. The Chief Wawatam was a coal fired hand bomber vessel that ferried railroad and car across the Straits of Mackinac. Memories of another time. Leaded.

Size: approximately 36"x36" 




Product: SD-14

Taken from the pages of Woodaline the Beaver, this window shows the intimate moment when Woodaline and Woody fall in love. This is a beautiful window in any children's room. It has approximately 120 pieces. Copper foiled.

Size:  12"x18"




Product: SD-15

Hummingbirds surround this five faceted lampshade. Designed for antique lampstands, this piece adds charm to any corner. This has about 80 pieces. Copper foiled.

Size: approximately 12" long.  electrical socket built into formation.  Electrical connection required after purchase.




Product: SD-16

Two seagulls against a background of blue water invites you to remember the sights and sounds of the shoreline. This piece has approximately 80 pieces. Copper foiled.

Size: 24"x36"




Product: SD-17

Two ospreys fighting over a fish is what this scene displays in this magnificent window. Approximately 120 pieces. Copper foiled.

Size: Approximately 12"x36"




Product: SD-18

A unique abstract of a killer whale breaking the surface as it prowls looking for salmon and seals. The sun rising over its fin. Inspired by Northwest Native American art. Copper foiled.

Size: 12"x48"




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